Maintenance is currently underway

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Maintenance is currently underway on some servers. If you see "502 bad gateway" error or experience FTP connection issue, please do not open a ticket or a topic about that.

Currently there is work in progress with data transfer to new SAN and the exact finish date of the maintenance is currently unknown.
The FTP and/or website issues might be fixed sooner that the maintenance is over, but right now we have no idea of when this will be done, so please do not ask us about it.

UPDATE 18/1 20:38 UTC
Some FTP Accounts have started working again fine. If you are one from the unlucky ones, well, you will have to wait a bit more to get yours working.

This does not affect the maintenance progress, though, which is still ongoing. Hopefully without another FTP issue.

UPDATE 19/1 10:56 UTC
It is confirmed that the problems should be fixed in 6 days.
We are completing major maintenance and upgrades on free hosting which is causing these issues.

UPDATE 25/1 12:51 UTC
The issues seem to have been fixed. If you experience a new issue, please create a new discussion.


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